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Enter values for an Hsv to convert it to Lch, or vice versa.

0 to 360
0 to 1
0 to 1
0 to 100
0 to 100
0 to 360


Hsv (also known as Hsb) is similar to Hsl. They're both based on cylindrical geometries, but Hsv is based on a "Hexacone" model while Hsl is based on a "Double Hexacone" model. Read more about the differences on wikipedia.


Lch is similar to it's cousin Cie-L*ab, except that it's been rearranged in the shape of a sphere which makes it useful for applications like high-end photo editing and retouching images. Read more about it here

Looking for the code?

All calculations were doing using the open source ColorMine library.

The code used for the Hsv and Lch conversions can be found on Github:

Conversion Example:

var hsv = new Hsv();
var lch = hsv.To<Lch>();

Color conversions performed using the open source ColorMine library.

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